Brawl Stars — the DoTA of Mobile Gaming

Brawl Stars is the new title from the ever successful SuperCell Company of finland. Yes, they have been dominating the mobile gaming scene ever since the Clash of Clans days where they averaged 2 Million dollars of Revenue per day. That is one of the biggest in the gaming industry. Not to mention, they are just a little company with around 65 employees. They went from being a nobody to a huge name. And right now several years have past and every year it has been a tradition or trend to release one game annually. This year they are releasing Brawl Stars, their take on the MOBA scene aka Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. If you are not familiar of this genre, just think of DOTA in PC and you will get the idea.

Anyway, the game has just been recently released. And with that, not all gamers are enjoying it as of the moment. Unfair right? This is their way of saying that the game still has a lot to improve or it is still under soft launch mode. Only people from Canada have the luxury of playing it. However, if you are from Canada and not an iOS user, then you are still unfortunate enough to be part of the vast majority who is just drooling to play the game as soon as possible. iOS users, iphone and ipad alike, are lucky to be the first people to enjoy the game in Canada. But if you are an iOS user outside of such country, you can still play the game with a little trick. You simply need to create a Canadian iOS ID and viola, you can now install the game and play it same as they do in North America.

Unfortunately, to all Android users, the game has not been officially released yet both Canada and to the global scene. But since you are here reading this article, you might want to continue reading because there’s a little secret to getting Brawl Stars in your favorite Android devices — that is the Brawl Stars APK. This apk will give you the ability to install the game in your device, given, that you disable the security feature allowing outside file (outside of Google Playstore) as your source media. It may be risky but this is probably the best chance you will ever get into playing the game. Personally, I have tried playing it on my new S8+ and so far all is well.

The game is pretty awesome. It is played in portrait mode, unlike the usual landscape mode from Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day etc. This is like Clash Royale except it has a lot of action and it is a multiplayer game where you can team up with virtually anybody from around the world. So, what are you waiting for. Download Brawl Stars APK and enjoy the game like iOS users do.

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