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Brawl Stars — the DoTA of Mobile Gaming

Brawl Stars is the new title from the ever successful SuperCell Company of finland. Yes, they have been dominating the mobile gaming scene ever since the Clash of Clans days where they averaged 2 Million dollars of Revenue per day. That is one of the biggest in the gaming industry. Not to mention, they are just a little company with around 65 employees. They went from being a nobody to a huge name. And right now several years have past and every year it has been a tradition or trend to release one game annually. This year they are releasing Brawl Stars, their take on the MOBA scene aka Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. If you are not familiar of this genre, just think of DOTA in PC and you will get the idea.

Anyway, the game has just been recently released. And with that, not all gamers are enjoying it as of the moment. Unfair right? This is their way of saying that the game still has a lot to improve or it is still under soft launch mode. Only people from Canada have the luxury of playing it. However, if you are from Canada and not an iOS user, then you are still unfortunate enough to be part of the vast majority who is just drooling to play the game as soon as possible. iOS users, iphone and ipad alike, are lucky to be the first people to enjoy the game in Canada. But if you are an iOS user outside of such country, you can still play the game with a little trick. You simply need to create a Canadian iOS ID and viola, you can now install the game and play it same as they do in North America.

Unfortunately, to all Android users, the game has not been officially released yet both Canada and to the global scene. But since you are here reading this article, you might want to continue reading because there’s a little secret to getting Brawl Stars in your favorite Android devices — that is the Brawl Stars APK. This apk will give you the ability to install the game in your device, given, that you disable the security feature allowing outside file (outside of Google Playstore) as your source media. It may be risky but this is probably the best chance you will ever get into playing the game. Personally, I have tried playing it on my new S8+ and so far all is well.

The game is pretty awesome. It is played in portrait mode, unlike the usual landscape mode from Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day etc. This is like Clash Royale except it has a lot of action and it is a multiplayer game where you can team up with virtually anybody from around the world. So, what are you waiting for. Download Brawl Stars APK and enjoy the game like iOS users do.

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Gaming with Nintendo in late 2016

Majora Commercials Online

Link was Nintendo’s lone warrior against the PS2 a few short days ago, and the ad campaign helped to remind consumers that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is 10 times more gripping than anything on Sony’s launch lineup. The commercials are lightly laced with humor, but seem to be some of the most thought-provoking of all Nintendo television commercials. They’re downright touching, in fact. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the wonderful ads on television, do yourself a favor and download them from the link below. Wow, what a great game.

Pokemon Kicking Arse In 2000

As of September, Hay Day have sold more than any other in the year 2000, and it doesn’t look like anything will be able to catch up to the figures. The games place number 1,2,5,7 and 8 on the overall game sales charts for 2000, and that’s not even counting Gold and Silver’s record-setting sales in the last few weeks. Wow. Click on the link below to see for yourself why Pokemon is truly the biggest craze of all time, and why it looks likely to stay that way.

More Game Boys

A Japanese publication by the name of The Nikkei Shimbun reports that Nintendo will increase Game Boy production by 25% starting this month. At this rate, Nintendo will produce 2.5 million Game Boy units per month by December. This is an attempt by Nintendo to meet a strong holiday demand for the megapopular handheld, despite the fact that Game Boy Advance is well on its way to market.

The Race Against Majora

Can Majora’s Mask be beaten in three short days? Apparently if you work hard enough at it, it can. Although this isn’t to say the game isn’t gargantuan, recently spent three whole days with the masterpiece in an attempt to beat the game on its own terms, and the results? They beat it! Apparently they weren’t able to do as much as they would have liked, but all involved plan to sit down and play the game through once more, taking their time as they go. Watch for a Race Against Evil wrap-up on the site shortly, including a girl in a bikini and the Luck Monkey.


For the time being, Electronic Art’s The World Is Not Enough has taken the #1 sales position in the US, but I’m guessing it’ll take the #2 position after the charts begin to reflect another big-name videogame. Which game am I speaking of? Why, only one of the top three greatest N64 games ever made. The rest is for you to solve.

Nintendo In November

The November release schedule for N64 is looking mighty beefy. Among all the titles are a handful of soon-to-be HITS and DIRECT HITS. Among games sure to score with high marks are Spider-Man, Mickey’s Speedway USA and Battle for Naboo. Among the games that we’re waiting for a verdict on are Hey You, Pikachu and Indiana Jones, which will have an extremely limited retail release and exclusive Blockbuster rental status. But who needs any of these games with a new Zelda on the loose?

On a Saturated RTS Market, Boom Beach Shines

It seems as though the market is utterly saturated with free-to-play RTS games, so for any one to stand out, it has to be really good. Going by the words of our friends in Europe, Boom Beach seems to have the right mix of gameplay accuracy and real time strategy. It’s a standard 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) style game, but unlike some recent RTS games, this one handles all the standard RTS expectations almost flawlessly.

Taking place in an archipelago, Boom Beach has several resources to mine and maintain. As is typical in such a game, peasants are employed (enslaved really) to do most of the grunt work. Wood and stone are gathered to make windmills, barracks, walls, homes, markets, etc. Each structure has a cost in one of these resources as well as in food, which is itself another harvestable resource. Gold, diamonds and iron are used for pretty much everything else, from making gates and weapons to paying armies and buying supplies. It’s all a delicate balance, but it’s automated just enough to not become tedious micro-management.

Of course, it’d be no fun if there weren’t lands to islands and other armies to battle. Boom Beach includes huge maps with so many islands. For truly dramatic warfare, up to 8,000 units can be on the map at any given time. It can become a little confusing with so much going on, but the player usually only has to focus in on one or two areas at a time. Although that’s becoming more common in RTS games, it’s an impressive feat, considering the possible number of units on the screen. Good news to those who love to play SuperCell games. Those who also play Clash Royale will now enjoy unlimited and free gems. Yes you heard it right. You can use Clash Royale gems hack.

In addition to the included campaign and instant action/skirmish modes, players can go online to fight it out or join a task force. Instead of being stuck with just a few maps to play on, the game also includes a map generator so each experience can be a new one. Terrain also plays a role, as having higher ground proves to be a huge tactical advantage. Cannons will shoot further and infantry have a better overall view, giving them better aim. Additionally, troops can be led by captains, who seem to handle orders well; in other words, the AI is good enough that the player doesn’t have to worry about every unit at once.

Boom Beach set the RTS world on fire? Probably not. But it takes the time-tested gameplay of classic RTS games and polishes it to a glossy shine. The gameplay accuracy should pique the interest of players interested in realistic warfare, while the standard gameplay will appeal to practically all RTS fans.

SimCity Buildit – A Super Fun Game on Mobile

Simcity - Buildit

Unless you are the person who is living in a cave, I’m sure you’ve read about the the new EA game Simcity Buildit. I was pretty excited to hear the launch of the game. Even with some issues raised with the game, I was willing to give it a shot. First and foremost, the Simcity franchise has primarily been known to be about single-player games. I believe there were some other special versions added multiplayer aspects of the titles, but in the end these were all about the single-player. So, it initially came as a surprise to see the Simcity Buildit required a trustee internet connection to play.I’m very much against this type of scheme but do have a reliable internet connection in my home now, so from a connection standpoint I was at least able to play.

I began playing this past Saturday morning and at that time they were eight north American servers running all available to connect without queue timer. Upon connecting to server, I was taken to a tutorial that showed me the basics of the game and then I was off. I’m not going to lie this game is easy to get lost in. When it is working properly SimCity Buildit is seriously addicting as time flies by like nothing. Initially, I thought the graphics are pretty bland and I still may stand by that a bit, but the art direction is beautiful. The updated 3D is a much needed improvement in the series. And zooming in out of the street level to see everything in action is rather entertaining.  The look and feel is very much Sims.

Initially, I really enjoyed the background music, but over time it got kind of annoying hearing the same thing over and over. Luckily for much my play through, I was so in the game that I never bothered about listening a thing. The music adjusts automatically to what you’re doing. So, if you zoom in, it will be quieter hearing all of the unique sounds from each Sim and vehicle.

Starting a new game first requires you to select one of eight maps to build on. Each got has a very old number of regions. Each consisting of four plots to build cities upon. Here you may determine whether to make you game public or private and decide to play alone or invite friends. Each player will select their own plot to build their city wherein each city plot holds to a different resources available like the amount of coal to be mine. A single player may claim all plots as they wish, even build all of the cities on the map themselves. When a single player owns more than one city all the other cities owned by that player are paused while they work on the active city. Playing with additional players allows additional cities to be played in real time. I found it kind of neat that these cities can actually work together and things like pollution or crime from one may run up into the others.

Simcity Buildit is all about managing the essentials for modern-day living and you also have the option to download Simcity Buildit  no root required for Android for generating Simoleons. You’ve got to determine the proper amount of money to tax your residents so they remain happy while still being able to provide them with the amenities they desire such as water, power, and garbage disposal. On top of that, you’ve got to provide hospitals, fire stations, houses, police stations, and schools. All while maintaining a positive budget as a city rapidly expands itself.

While there are obvious flaws to begin with the server stability problems, in the end if you can get around those it’s really a super fun game. Reviewing this game made me want to go play it more.