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SimCity Buildit - A Super Fun Game on Mobile

Simcity - Buildit

Unless you are the person who is living in a cave, I'm sure you've read about the the new EA game Simcity Buildit. I was pretty excited to hear the launch of the game. Even with some issues raised with the game, I was willing to give it a shot. First and foremost, the Simcity franchise has primarily been known to be about single-player games. I believe there were some other special versions added multiplayer aspects of the titles, but in the end these were all about the single-player. So, it initially came as a surprise to see the Simcity Buildit required a trustee internet connection to play.I'm very much against this type of scheme but do have a reliable internet connection in my home now, so from a connection standpoint I was at least able to play.

I began playing this past Saturday morning and at that time they were eight north American servers running all available to connect without queue timer. Upon connecting to server, I was taken to a tutorial that showed me the basics of the game and then I was off. I'm not going to lie this game is easy to get lost in. When it is working properly SimCity Buildit is seriously addicting as time flies by like nothing. Initially, I thought the graphics are pretty bland and I still may stand by that a bit, but the art direction is beautiful. The updated 3D is a much needed improvement in the series. And zooming in out of the street level to see everything in action is rather entertaining.  The look and feel is very much Sims.

Initially, I really enjoyed the background music, but over time it got kind of annoying hearing the same thing over and over. Luckily for much my play through, I was so in the game that I never bothered about listening a thing. The music adjusts automatically to what you're doing. So, if you zoom in, it will be quieter hearing all of the unique sounds from each Sim and vehicle.

Starting a new game first requires you to select one of eight maps to build on. Each got has a very old number of regions. Each consisting of four plots to build cities upon. Here you may determine whether to make you game public or private and decide to play alone or invite friends. Each player will select their own plot to build their city wherein each city plot holds to a different resources available like the amount of coal to be mine. A single player may claim all plots as they wish, even build all of the cities on the map themselves. When a single player owns more than one city all the other cities owned by that player are paused while they work on the active city. Playing with additional players allows additional cities to be played in real time. I found it kind of neat that these cities can actually work together and things like pollution or crime from one may run up into the others.

Simcity Buildit is all about managing the essentials for modern-day living and you also have the option to download Simcity Buildit  no root required for Android for generating Simoleons. You've got to determine the proper amount of money to tax your residents so they remain happy while still being able to provide them with the amenities they desire such as water, power, and garbage disposal. On top of that, you've got to provide hospitals, fire stations, houses, police stations, and schools. All while maintaining a positive budget as a city rapidly expands itself.

While there are obvious flaws to begin with the server stability problems, in the end if you can get around those it's really a super fun game. Reviewing this game made me want to go play it more.

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