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Incredibles 2 Movie Review

The family of superheroes is back in action in the most awaited Incredibles 2. After 14 long years, waiting for the sequel to Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles is now over. The animated superhero movie Incredibles 2 is written and directed by Brad Bird. Incredible 2 embodies the fun of the first movie yet features more the struggles of a real family.

Different from the first Incredibles, this time, Helen, also known as Elastigirl is now in charge. Leaving Bob, Mr. Incredibles, at home to take care of the normal routine of life with their children Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Not to mention, the emerging superpowers of their youngest child and a new villain. They must find a way, along with Frozone, to work together again and show how incredible they are.

The Story

Picks up where The Incredibles left off, the Parr family was forced to turn against their superhero duties to live a normal life. After saving the city of Metroville, the authorities demand the family to leave their community due to the destruction created during their fight against the Underminer. With heavy hearts, Bob and Helen move to a different place to start over again and raise their three children.
But an opportunity came for Helen when she was offered to be a superhero again. A new suit was given to her with a camera so the whole community can see everything she is doing. Meanwhile, Bob is busy taking care of the kids. Violet is dealing with her first broken heart while Dash is having troubles with his homework. Later they notice than Jack-Jack is developing his superpowers.
With all the problems the family is facing, how can save the community? Even if the public decided to quit their superheroes job, in times of need, the Parr family is ready to face any villains. They are ready to prove the people wrong about their mission and obligations. Alongside Frozone, the Incredibles are fighting side by side, together as a family.

The Feedback

Creating a sequel of The Incredibles is quite unexpected. After more than a decade, some people questioned if how they will be able to bring joy, sadness, and adventure as the first one. But the director, actors, and the whole staff of the movie did not fail to surprise the viewers.
Showing that a superhero family still undergo problems and struggles that a normal family goes through. The spotlight was put to Elastigirl, how a mother balances her life at work and home. How she worries and feel guilty about being away from her kids and husband knowing that Bob is having a hard time trying to do his duties at home.
When it comes to the movie design, they made it very vibrant with retro-modern feel. But what the viewers enjoy the most are the characters, major and minor. They contributed a lot in their own ways, although not given many scenes but had great moments. In the end, the movie made the audience laugh, think, and appreciate their family more.

For sure, this movies is one of the greatest animated movie ever made. Although it is a cartoon, the story shows the true event and life of a family. The happiness, hardships, sacrifices, and success are key points of what life is all about. So if you are looking for a fun and action-packed movie, then why not watch The Incredibles 2? You will surely love it!

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